Have you ever been complimented on your cookery or mixing skills? The classic comments such as “Dinner was so great, I don’t think I could have made something like that at home!” or “That drink was fantastic, I couldn’t even taste the alcohol!” Comments like that have been directed my way from time to time, and my response is typically “Well I like to eat so I needed to learn how to cook!” While my aspiration to be a professional chef is not in the realm of possibilities at this point in my life, I do enjoy spending time in the kitchen/bar/in front of the grill. My work in the medical field has taught me many things, possibly most importantly to have a nice separation of work and home life, and nothing says home life quite like sitting down to a delicious meal and a refreshing cocktail.

If you are like me, you probably have recipes printed off the internet scattered around the house with who knows what kind of food-stained on them. I decided to create this blog to try and have a digital collection of food and cocktails I’ve tried and liked. Feel free to try them as well, and let me know how they turned out. Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up loving food cooked on a grill, so I’ve decided to make that the focus of my recipes. I’ve also decided to challenge myself to try new and exciting cocktails, as up until now my go-to has been bourbon and coke. I’ll do my best to pair good barbecue with good cocktails, as long as you, the reader, promise to share with me your thoughts on my concoctions, and of course drink responsibly.

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