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Northwest Style BBQ Meets Craft Cocktails

Welcome to PNW Grill and Sip, a site dedicated to all things BBQ, cocktail, and recipes. Here at PNW Grill and Sip we are dedicated to a style of food we are calling Northwest style BBQ. Fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients cooked perfectly with recipes at your fingertips! We are also sharing some delicious cocktail recipes, some new and some old!

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What’s in a BBQ and cocktail recipe blog?

Here at PNW Grill and Sip, our focus is on great food and tasty cocktails. We are sharing our creations with anyone who is willing to put in the work in the kitchen or at that home bar! Some of our recipes are our own creations, start to finish, and others may be modified from recipes we have found in our own internet searches, we do our best to give credit when we find a recipe we modify. We use this blog as our way of broadcasting great BBQ and cocktail recipes out into the world, so follow closely!

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What is Northwest Style BBQ?

BBQ culture is alive and well in the United States, with different regions competing to be identified as the best BBQ style. There is Carolina style BBQ, which focuses on the pig as the main protein and a vinegar based sauce. Alabama style BBQ puts a saucy twist on it…specifically a white BBQ sauce. In Memphis, you see the emergence of cooking in a pit. Kansas City BBQ likes to think of itself as the king of all BBQ, a marriage of all other regions with the addition of a sweet BBQ sauce. Texas style….well, Texas is big and known for being the holy grail of beef BBQ.

Where is the Northwest in all this mix? Unfortunately, not even on the map…until now! We searched long and hard trying to find anything relating to a “NW style” of BBQ and came up empty handed, so we decided to try and create it ourselves! If it takes off or not is up to you all! However, if you are using fresh ingredients, blasting it with flavor, and adding a touch of smoke and heat, you might already be doing Northwest style BBQ!

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